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Whitney Wright and her adopted sister Alex Blake are hanging out watching television. Realizing Alex is distracted with her phone, Whitney arranges herself on the couch so she can lift her miniskirt and play with her cock hungry pussy without her sister noticing. Whitney stops masturbating when her stepdad Johnny Castle joins her on the couch, but her horniness can't be denied. Pulling a blanket around herself so Alex can't see what she's doing, Whitney opens her thighs in a blatant display for Johnny's pleasure.Eventually, Whitney's provocation is more than Johnny can bear. He replaces her fingers with his, probing her landing strip pussy as she stifles one moan after another. Eventually, Whitney coaxes Johnny to pound her with his fuck stick right in front of her distracted sister. Once Johnny commits, he won't stop until he cums to give Whitney the creampie she craves. Unbeknownst to both Whitney and Johnny, Alex knew all along what they were doing but chose to keep silent.Later, Alex comes to Whitney's room saying she had a nightmare and would feel better sleeping with her sister. Johnny doesn't realize both girls are in the bed when he comes in to have another go with Whitney. He inadvertently seats himself balls deep in Alex's twat before Whitney wakes up and realizes what's happening. When they realize that Alex is into it, the twosome welcomes a third member in for a hardcore threesome that only ends when Whitney and Alex Johnny's cumshot.

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